New leadership for Malmö and Sweden

We are Magnus Thulin (entrepeneur) and Warda Fatih (medical student) and we are your alternative for a new leadership in Malmö and Sweden. We believe in the future, in entrepreneurship and the power of the individual. Result is important to us.


A new picture of Malmö

We want to create a new Malmö. The future should be filled with OUTDOOR LIFE???

, entrepreneurs and environmentally good solutions. We need a new Malmö where some parts of the city need to be torn down, apartments changed into tenant owned flats. It should be made possible to each and every one to own a flat.

Shops, coffee shops and companies should be a part of every part of the city.

So called green industry and visionary techniques have got to be a normal part of buildings and districts in Malmö.

Not needed administrations of the commune should be closed. Malmö should instead put priority on security and crime prevention. Malmö is to be the city of freedom and safety where we do not have violence and crimes of honour.

Within the coming mandate period we want to make black labour into white, diminish social security benefits by 25% and impose compulsory education of people who are out of work or have a low educational background.

We want to take away punishment reduction and the city has to protect small businesses and support the local businesses. We want to create a living energetic city which takes responsibility.


Decency effort and responsibility

Malmö and all Sweden need to be transformed. Studies, work and effort must be rewarded. The society must demand responsibility and effort from each and every citizen, both young and old, Swedish born or born in another country. A migration and integration that function demand regulations and requirements but first of all it demands that people go to work. Sweden has big shortage of labour within the wellfare sector for example child care, care of elderly, health care, school and the service sector.

Despite this we have empty seats on many educations and at the same time many people are out of work.

More than 50% of inhabitants in alienated areas are out of work and at the same time the city pays appr. 100 million kronor in social welfare payments.

Malmö and Sweden must make our work force take the jobs where people are needed. People must also commute to or move to places where there is work.

Schools with problems must be transformed into good schools and efforts should be rewarded.

Rösta på oss

I valet 2018 när du röstar mellan den 28 augusti och den 9 september bestämmer du både vilket parti och vilken person som får din röst. För att rösta på oss tar du en gul valsedel från Centerpartiet och sätter ett X framför namnet Warda Fatih innan du lägger valsedeln i valurnan och sedan en vit valsedel från Centerpartiet och sätter ett X framför namnet Magnus Thulin innan valsedeln läggs i valurnan.

Warda fatih

magnus thulin